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Our Businesses

A comprehensive list of all our businesses.

Alta Citta

The city’s newest and most-modern 4-level mall located in the heart of Tagbilaran City, covering almost the entire block previously occupied by the Holy Name University.

Location: CPG Avenue corner H. Grupo Street, Tagbilaran City
Tel:  +63 38 501 3000

Alturas Tubigon

The newest and the latest retail outlet of AGC which opened last November 28 in the bustling town of Tubigon which is said to be among the prospects to become the next city in the province of Bohol.

Location: Poblacion Tubigon, Bohol
Tel: 038 508-3080

Colonnade Supermarket

Its first Supermarket is located right along the oldest street in the Queen City of the South in downtown Cebu City. The second is in Mandaue City. Known for their fresh meat and fish products at very affordable prices.

Colonnade Colon
Location: 82-90 Colon St.  Cebu City
Tel: 032 255-7409, 032 416-8775
Colonnade Mandaue
Location: P. Gomez St., corner Ceniza St., Centro Mandaue City
Tel: 032 422-7010

The Prawn Farm Grill & Seafoods Restaurant

Located inside Island City Mall, the Prawn Farm Grill and Seafoods is one of the sought-after fine dining restaurants within the city. It serves fresh seafoods harvested live from the Marcela Farms Inc.’s aquaculture farms.

Location: Upper Ground Level, Island City Mall
Tel: 038 501-6267 (Globe), 038 411-5084 (PLDT)

Peanut Kisses

Known as the Boholano delicacy, the “hill shaped” cookie is widely known for its sweet peanut buttery taste that is always part of the list for tourists “must buy” delicacies. With the increasing demand for this product, a new site was acquired where a modern factory will be constructed.

Location: 8 Calceta Street, Tagbilaran City
Tel: 038 411-4222

MFI - Piggery

Commencing its operations in 1996, the farm has expanded its capacity and upgraded its facilities into an environmentally controlled structure using a tunnel vent. This upgrade minimized, if not eliminated, any stench odor around its premises. The facilities are powered by a bio-gas plant located inside the farm that captures methane to generate electricity.

MFI - Aquaculture Farms

Since 1988 the farms started operations and expanded to other locations within Bohol. The farms is a vast area of prawn ponds producing black tiger prawns of export quality, tilapia, milkfish and the recently cultured Penaeus Vannamei for the local market.

Alturas Mall

The first retail outlet located in the downtown area of Tagbilaran City has expanded because of market demands and is currently Alturas Mall.

Location: CPG North Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Tel: 038 501-9680 (Globe), 038 411-3380 (PLDT)

Island City Mall

The most modern shopping mall in the city of Tagbilaran started serving the market with national market players as part of its tenant mix.

Dao District, Tagbilaran City
Tel: 038 501-6255 (Globe),  038 411-5521 (PLDT)

South Palms Resort

South Palms is a premiere resort owned and managed by Panglao Bay Premiere Parks & Resorts Corporation. It is strategically located along the beach front property in barangay Bolod municipality of Panglao, province of Bohol, Philippines. It has a 700 meter wide beach front with fine white sands.

Location: Brgy. Bolod, Panglao, Bohol
Tel: 038 502-8288, 038 502-9104 (Globe), 0917-716-7609 (Mobile)

Wholesale Distribution

Distribution covers the entire province of Bohol, with significant number of wholesale customers. Aside from booking and collection, it is also engaged in VAN selling operations, being an exclusive distributor of selected multi-national brands. It has been in this business since 1982.

Location: De La Paz, Cortes, Bohol
Tel: 038 501-3000

MFI - Feedmill

80% of the plant’s produce is utilized by MFI’s piggery, poultry and aquaculture businesses while 20% is for the external market. With the expansion of the piggery, poultry and aquaculture farms of MFI, a new feed mill was acquired to support the feeds requirement of the agri-aqua farms.

Location: Lomangog Ubay, Bohol
Tel: 038 501-3000

MFI - Broiler Farms

A fully integrated broiler production venture of Marcela Farms, Incorporated (MFI) starting from breeder to hatchery to grow-out farms, with state of the art dressing plant which allows production of the best dressed chicken meat in the province and in the country considering the controlled processes and advantages of a fully integrated operation.

Bohol Tech Voc, Inc.

A capable and dedicated skills training center which uses competency-based approach in meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Location: BTV Building, 105 H. Zamora Street, Tagbilaran City
Tel: +63 (38) 501 3040 / 3041

Alturas Mall Talibon

This is located in the heart of the town in Poblacion, Talibon. The first major shopping center in the northern part of Bohol conveniently serves the needs of the local consumers.

Location: Poblacion Talibon, Bohol
Tel: 038 515-5106/07 (Globe)

Plaza Marcela

Located in the busy district of Cogon, Tagbilaran City, this comprises a supermarket and other business units, like hardware, pharmacy and restaurant.

Location: Pamaong cor. Belderol Streets, Tagbilaran City
Tel: 038 501-8981 (Globe), 038 4115425 (PLDT)

North Zen Villas

Enjoy the tranquility of a well-kept nature preserve which has been transformed into a haven of wellness and relaxation at North Zen Villas. A 4-Star resort in Panglao situated amongst a picturesque forest of mangroves, it is here where you can enjoy the hum of nature and an authentic Filipino ambience.

Location: Brgy. Doljo Panglao, Bohol
Tel: +63 38 502 8453 (Tel.), +639 17 304 2300 (Mob.), +63 38 502 9106 (Fax)

Bohol Agro-Marine Development Corporation

On September 21, 1994, a partnership in the management and operations of BAMDECORP (Bohol Agro-Marine Development Corporation) was established. It is a processing plant for prawn and other marine products for export.

Location: Poblacion Tubigon Bohol
Tel: 038 508-8114, 038 508-8092 (Globe)

MFI - Rice Mill

Rice milling started in 1996 to complement the retail and wholesale business of the Alturas Supermarket Corporation. Considering that the towns very near the place where the rice mill is located are “palay” producing, there is no problem on the supply of Palay to be milled.

Location: Lomangog Ubay, Bohol
Tel: 038 501-3000

MFI - Layer Production

It started with traditional structures; but with the intent of the top management to become efficient, modern technology was adopted early in 2012, when well-ventilated close type buildings were installed. With this recent development, its operations are more environment friendly and production of good quality table eggs has increased tremendously.

Alturas Glass Service

A four-storey glass service center located along M. Parras St., Tagbilaran City, which offers all kinds of glass and aluminum works for home and building improvement, auto care, and more.

Location: M. Parras Street, Tagbilaran City
Tel: +63 (38) 501 7622
Tel: +63 (38) 411 3373
Mobile: 0917 305 6620